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Healthy House Plans
Our Wood Wall System
  • It "breathes,"
  • emits no toxic gases,
  • and is resistant to mold.
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There's nothing more important than having a roof over your head. But there is a better way to support that roof...and one that supports your better health.

Did you know that solid wood/timber is rated #1 in a 16 point ecological assessment of 30 different building materials, yet the industry rarely uses it?

A typical Healthy New Homes product is a customizable, conventional style building (including offices) constructed of solid wood as the building envelope.

Our system reintroduces a time-honored ‘breathable’ and thick wall construction method (think structurally insulated) which allows water vapor and air to migrate through -- while providing thermal mass, exceptional insulation and healthy indoor air quality. (See MRR explanation here)

Healthy Structures by Design
Our system adapts to any breathable material for exteriors and interiors alike. Products like brick, stucco and solid wood siding are also very energy efficient.
Components for Living. Well.
Conventional home building with the warmth and strength of a solid wood.

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A breathable wall system and other non-toxic building materials are the secrets behind a truly healthy home.

Picture this ...
...a home where heat is stored in mass, rather than air.
...a home where convection is used to cool instead of Freon.
...a home that reduces pollution and sequesters carbon.
...a single, renewable component that can replace a whole range of energy-intensive, man-made materials such as vinyl, metal, fiberglass, cement, brick.

From what material could such a home be made? WOOD!
Our HealthStar "Seal of Approval" provides consumers with a standard of verification that ensures consumer health values are positively addressed in the production of products that have quality health attributes and create a positive environmental impacts