Distinctive, Environmentally Responsible, Healthy Structures
Healthy New Homes (HNH) is a wood products manufacturer that focuses on building systems utilizing sustainable construction materials, particularly wasted forest products, to create non-toxic, "breathable" homes and other "wellness" structures.

For the past 35 years, as New Homestead USA, we've been providing building supplies and log structures nationally and internationally from our mill in Payette, Idaho. We are now introducing a new, certified healthy construction solution for building conventional housing in a most unconventional way.

Our program uses dead wood (beetle-kill, mature, fire) as a vertical stand inner core in a wall and roof system that benefits from a combining of an EnergyStar reflective coating and a HealthStar-rated core component. To achieve this accreditation we have signed a licensing agreement with HealthMark International, a certification service which reviews, evaluates, and verifies products as they relate to LEED, LEED for Homes, NAHB and the International Institute for Bau-Biology & Ecology and their healthy home standards.

Markets and Products
From Washington State to Colorado, forests are experiencing high mortality of spruce, douglas fir, and lodge pole pine trees from attack by mountain pine beetles. Healthy New Homes will utilize and process these dead-standing trees (once milled) as solid wood wall and roofing systems for hundreds (albeit, thousands) of new healthy structures. In so doing, we hope to improve the environment and lower the potential for forest fires.

Our goal is to promote an interest in non-toxic construction and energy savings within the building trade by explaining the health benefits of this construction compared to standard building approaches.

Our building practices are based on the premise that what is healthy for the occupants (biologically compatible) will also be good for the environment (ecologically sustainable).

To achieve this objective, HNH will adhere to the tenets of IBE’s Building Biology©; a comprehensive and focused body of knowledge that examines the delicate balance between human health and the built environment. A major component of the Building Biology philosophy is the concept of a “breathing” structure, that is, all natural, self-regulating, electromagnetically balanced materials that have the capacity to diffuse moisture, air and pollutants.